Clever people burn candles cleverly


How to acheive the optimum burn

Allow to burn for 4 hours.

After a maximum of 4 - 5 hours it's best to snuff your candle out and allow to cool and rest before re-burning.

*TIP - No-one appreciates a room that smells smokey! Use the end of a pencil to knock the lit wick into the melted wax, and whip the doused wick back out again. This extinguishes the wick without smoking out your beauitfully scented home, as well as coating the wick with wax to help it catch alight next time.

That lovely melt pool created by your lit candle will continue to dispurse fragrance, even after your candle is extinguished. 


Getting the most out of your candle

Light in a room free of breeze to help to delicious scents float about your space.


Burn candles safely

 - Away from curtains and loose fabrics

 - On a flame resistant surface

 - Away from pets and kids! Cats  love to get near and play with the flames. A hadard not only regarding flames but also broken glass.


Accessories help you to get the best burn from your candle, without any mess.

Wick Scissors are used to keep wick at its optimum length for a safe and controlled burn. They're also handy for snuffing the candle out, without the mess of drips or carbon in your melt pool.

Candles plates add design elements and also create a safer burning environment. Safer, as it protect your beautiful home surfaces from any drips, as well as providing a flame resistant surface.