I'm not afraid to admit I'm a 35 year old, with a current (well longstanding, low-key) obsession for Taylor Swift. I've burnt my phone and the ears of close friends and family with the amount of times I've played Willow SO- as with all good things, eventually a good artistic obsession creeps into creative life. Here I present you a series of candles inspired by her Folklore and Evermore albums. A whimsical, deep green forest layered with mist and sneaky corners of forest berries and blooms. Grab them quick! It's a limited release.


Scented with "It's a Flowerbomb" and "Blood Orange and Grapefruit" they're ready to dress a corner in need of light, or set your dinner table. Long burning and producing a beautiful glow- they set a calm, welcoming tone.


100% Soy + Plant wax blend

Burn time can be up to approx. 2-20 hours, depending on how drippy you let it get. If you notice the candle becoming too drippy, simply extinguish, allow to set and relight.

Features an Australian made, 100% cotton wick

Made in small runs in Sydney.


Pillar Candles are designed to be decorative.... but YOLO! They're also made for enjoying! When burning a pillar candle, make sure to always place it on a flame resistant surface to catch dribbles and avoid damage to your space.  Please refer to Perfecting the Burn link on our website for full instructions.

Willow Fairytale Candlestick - Pair